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Why Website Security is so Important for Your Business

Every day, all over the world, hundreds of websites belonging to businesses big and small are getting hacked because the developers who set up the sites overlooked the basic security features. In this post I’m going to tell you how we make sure that the websites we create are secure and the owners don’t lose their data.

We Install the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for you

The SSL is one of the most important security features on a website and you might be more familiar with an SSL than you think. When you visit a website the first sign that it is secure can be seen in the search bar. Sites that are secure will have a padlock symbol in the search bar and the sites URL (link) will start with ‘https://’. Sites that do not have an active SSL will show up with a warning symbol in the search bar, often accompanied by the phrase ‘Not Secure’ and the URL will start with ‘http://’. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that the site is unsafe, it is recommended that you never enter credit card information or other sensitive data into these types of sites. A lot of the time when you see this ‘Not Secure’ there is usually an innocent reason behind it, for example, if the owner of the site was on a tight budget and could not afford an SSL certificate, however I would still recommend that you be cautious when on unsecured websites.

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We Back up Your Site Weekly

You know that dreaded feeling you get when you can’t find the project you were working on and it seems like all is lost and all of your hard work is gone? Well with us you don’t have to worry. We back up your site weekly and upload the backup file to a secure dropbox that only you can access. This offers you piece of mind knowing that, if any unexpected errors happen in relation to your sites hosting, we have you covered and your site can be restored in a few clicks.

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Secure Passwords

When we set up your new hosting account we make sure to use a large variety of numbers, letters and symbols for your password. This makes it much harder for potential hackers to gain access to your site. As well as hard to guess password we use the Limit Login Attempts Reloaded plugin which only gives a user 3 chances to log in to the website admin before locking them out completely, this helps protect against brute force attacks where hackers use bots to guess thousands of passwords per minute until they eventually gain access to your site. If you’re thinking “What if I enter my login wrong 3 times?”, I can assure you there is no need to worry as we can help you gain access to the site again using a simple password reset!

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