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Dell Alienware 510M Wired Gaming Mouse (AW510M)

Don’t let the word ‘gaming’ in the title fool you into thinking that this mouse is only good for one thing. This is the mouse of choice at IM Design. This mouse retails at €55.35 but if you are a student Dell offer a 10% discount on all Alienware products. It also comes with a 2-year-warranty.

LED Feature:

You can make it light up any colour or colour pattern you want by using the Alienware Command Centre app on your PC which I find can be rather soothing to look at if you ever get a bit stressed while working away late at night. I personally use the ‘Rainbow Wave’ setting which makes the mouse change colours smoothly between the colours of the rainbow.

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Image Source: imdesign.ie


This mouse has 5 different sensitivity settings which can suit experienced developers to computers novices. The max dpi setting on this mouse is 16,000dpi! Which in plain English means that if you tip this mouse with your pinky finger the cursor will go flying across the screen! (Perfect for the hardcore gamer) Personally I use the mouse on it’s lowest dpi setting as website and logo design sometimes require a steady hand. You can see the little button for adjusting the dpi in the image below.

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Image Source: Dell.com

Custom Buttons:

On most standard PC mice you have 3 buttons: Left Click, Right Click and the Scroller. On this mouse you have an additional 5 buttons which can all be set to whatever commands you desire using the Alienware Command Centre App. For example, I have one of my buttons set to the ‘Backspace’ key and another set to ‘CTRL + Z’ (undo) which makes a noticeable difference to the time it takes for me to type documents and Blog posts.

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Image Source: Amazon.co.uk

Who should use it?:

In my opinion, I would not recommend this mouse for people with small hands , for the simple reason that the mouse is quite chunky and much bigger than most standard PC Mice or the mouse you get with your Apple MAC. My hand barely covers the entire thing and I can imagine how difficult it might be for someone with smaller hands to maneuver this mouse and especially work the custom buttons on the side.

  • Height: 4.92cm (1.93″)
  • Width: 7.76cm (3.05″)
  • Depth: 13.37cm (5.26″)
  • Starting Weight: 91g (0.20lb)
Web Design Clonmel
Image Source: Dell.com


I would give this mouse a solid 9/10, the only complaint I have about this product is that after about 3/4 hours of use it will ‘freeze’ but the solution is so quick and simple (plugging it out and back in again) that its not enough of a fault to turn me off this fantastic product.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Heading Image Source: Dell.com

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